Donna L. Fischer - #1

Council Member #1
Donna Fischer, New Hampshire
Represents: Maine and New Hampshire
Lorraine Wilkins - #2

Council Member #2
Lorraine Wilkins, Vermont
Represents: Massachusetts and Vermont
Phyllis Cooks - #3

Council Member #3
Phyllis Cooks, Maryland
Represents: Maryland and New Jersey
Sharon Cosco - #4

Council Member #4
Sharon Cosco, Delaware
Represents: Delaware and District of Columbia
Brenda Bryant - #5

Council Member #5
Brenda Bryant, Missouri
Represents: Indiana and Missouri
Deborah Martin - #6

Council Member #6
Deborah Martin, Virginia
Represents: Virginia and West Virginia
Virginia Smiley - #7

Council Member #7
Virginia Smiley, Kentucky
Represents: Kentucky and Tennessee
Lori Pipes - #8

Council Member #8
Lori Pipes, Georgia
Represents: Alabama and Georgia
Debra Crowder - #9

Council Member #9
Deborah Crowder, North Carolina
Represents: North Carolina and South Carolina
Monica Mann - #10

Council Member #10
Monica Mann, Oklahoma
Represents: Arkansas and Oklahoma
Kathy Harding - #11

Council Member #11
Kathy Harding, Iowa
Represents: Iowa and Wisconsin
Shirley Wildman - #12

Council Member #12
Shirley Wildman, Wyoming
Represents: North Dakota and Wyoming
Alice Graham - #13

Council Member #13
Alice Graham, Kansas
Represents: Colorado and Kansas
Barbara Peters - #14

Council Member #14
Barbara Peters, Montana
Represents: Idaho, Montana and Washington
Victoria Jenson - #15

Council Member #15
Victoria Jensen, New Mexico
Represents: Arizona and New Mexico
Anita Loando-Acohido - #16

Council Member #16
Anita Loando-Acohido, Hawaii
Represents: Alaska and Hawaii
Elizabeth Benson - #17

Council Member #17
Elizabeth Benson, Utah
Represents: Nevada, Oregon and Utah
Eduarda Swilling Wade - #18

Council Member #18
Eduarda Swilling Wade, Connecticut
Represents: Connecticut and Rhode Island
Lorna Mills - #19

Council Member #19
Lorna Mills, Louisiana
Represents: Louisiana and Mississippi
Paty Thrond - #21

Council Member #21
Paty Thrond, Minnesota
Represents: Nebraska and Minnesota
Jan Meyers - #23

Council Member #23
Jan Meyers, Michigan
Represents: Michigan and South Dakota
Mary Hetrick - Area A

Council Member Area A
Mary Hetrick, Pennsylvania
Represents: Pennsylvania
Patricia Martyn - Area B

Council Member Area B
Patricia Martyn, Illinois
Represents: Illinois
Mary Kruser - Area C

Council Member Area C
Mary Kreuzer, New York
Represents: New York
Meg Klaameyer - Area D

Council Member Area D
Meg Klaameyer, Ohio
Represents: Ohio
Judy Jones - Area G

Council Member Area G
Judy Jones, California
Represents: California
Aletha Jeter - Area H

Council Member Area H
Aletha Jeter, Texas
Represents: Texas
Kathryn Roman - Area J

Council Member Area J
Kathy Roman, Florida
Represents: Florida


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